Larry Overholt Dissertation

Out of School and Out of Work in Choluteca, Honduras: A Phenomenological Study (completed August, 2018)

Larry Overholt Thesis

The Nature of Social Capital in the "Morazan" Community of Choluteca, Honduras (June 2005).

SAE Projects

Individual projects can be a lot of fun for youth everywhere. In Honduras we are building off the Supervised Agricultural Experience and helping youth develop their own entrepreneurial projects. 

International Development Course Materials

This course was designed by Larry Overholt to be taught at Ohio State as AgrComm 5170.

Orientation Materials

Orientation materials to help prepare for your trip to Honduras. 

Health Promotion

The purpose of the Choluteca Health Promotor program is to develop a  sustainable community health worker (promotora in Spanish) model to establish a health education program for


Fundamentals of Leadership

This course focuses on leadership theories, principles, and concepts in social sciences.